Guard Dog Intruder Alarm

Guard Dog Intruder Alarm

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Product Description

GUARD DOG ALARM - Unique technology, detects, deters and protects. The low cost alarm with built-in radar technology for all round property protection. No fitting - just plug in to operate.

Technical Details

* 24 Hour Intruder Protection
* An option to have an automatic 20 second siren alarm
* Detects upto 6 metres
* Range and volume control
* 150mm x 130mm x 190mm

Property guard dog alarm, no fitting - just plug in to operate. Install a guard dog at key locations in your home to protect your external property as well, from would-be intruders. 24 hour intruder protection with distant approach (approx. 6 metres with single or several dog barks, medium approach (multiple and single dog barks), close approach (fierce and continous barking).

The guard dog alarm is highly mobile, detects intruders through doors, glass, walls and concrete.  The radar technology operates on a radial beam of 80 degrees and covers an effective distance of approximately 6 metres.


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